Engineering Papers Presented

The following are the engineering papers that I wrote, or co-wrote, for presentation at conferences or meetings. In one case my name is attached, but my participation was limited to the idea and the outline.

“Water Resources for Dare County’s Northern Outer Banks” — presented at the 1987 meeting of the AWWA chapter in North Carolina. This described the planning and design work I had done for Dare County (Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores area), which included an award-winning reverse osmosis water treatment plant.

“Odor Control By Natural Means in Abu Dhabi” — presented in May 1990 at a water and wastewater conference in Barcelona, Spain. This described the experimental work we did at a wastewater pumping station in Abu Dhabi, and how we were able to control sewage odors, at least in part, without the addition of chemicals.

“A Water and Wastewater Engineer Retools for Stormwater” — presented at StormCon in August 2008 in Orlando, Florida. This described how I was using a career of experience designing water and wastewater treatment systems and applying it to stormwater treatment.

“Problems with Pumped Detention” — presented at the Urban Water Conference in Overland Park Kansas in March 2009. This described how stormwater detention ponds don’t work well when pumping out of the pond is included in the design, and presented the most common mistakes in designing those pumps and how to avoid making those mistakes. The presentation came right after I had a severe bout of food poisoning. I was not at my best, not even close, and consequently I did a lousy job of the presentation.

“A Risk-Sharing Approach to Specifying Erosion and Sediment Control Systems” — presented at the 2011 annual conference of the International Erosion Control Association. Based on observations I’ve accumulated during many years of administering unit price construction projects, I showed how contracting for erosion and sediment control work as a lump sum pushed too much risk on to the contractor and resulted in higher prices. A unit price approach will generally give us the best E&SC work at the best price.

“A Thousand Little Treatment Plants: Process Based Design of Erosion and Sediment Control” — presented first at the Muddy Water Blues conference in Bentonville, Arkansas in March 2010, then at the IECA annual convention in Orlando in February 2011. It was chosen the “Outstanding Technical Paper” of the conference.

“Specifying Erosion and Sediment Control Systems” — a half-day course presented at the IECA annual convention in Orlando in February 2011. This pulled together a number of classes I’ve taught at CEI, although I restructured them to have specific items related to E&SC.

“Polymer Enhanced Soft Armoring of Construction Slopes: From Research to Engineering” — a one hour presentation scheduled to be made at Environmental Connection 12 in Las Vegas, February 2012. I will be co-presenting with Dr. Wesley Zech, professor of civil engineering at Auburn University.

“ASTM Standards for Erosion and Sediment Control: The Good, the Bad, the Missing, and the Misunderstood: — a one hour presentation scheduled to be made at Environmental Connection 12 in Las Vegas, February 2012.

“Erosion and Sediment Control Specifications: How to Obtain Better E&SC through Better Specifications” — a full day course scheduled to be presented at Environmental Connection 12 in Las Vegas, Februrary 2012. I will be co-presenting with Julie Etra. Each of us has done a half-day course on a similar topic. We think we have meshed these into a cohesive full day course.

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