David Todd
David A. Todd is the author of fiction and non-fiction, book-length and short pieces, serious and humorous. To date he has written and published five novels, one novella, eleven short stories, five non-fiction books, a book of poetry, a professional essay, and has edited a book of 19th century, public domain articles.

In addition to those works, since beginning to write creatively more than fifteen years ago, he continues to work on new items. He is in the final staged of publishing a new novel, a sequel to his church history novel; have a new short story ready to publish; and will soon begin work on another novel and a non-fiction book to follow-up on ones he’s already published. He has about twenty more books waiting their turn to escape from the gray cells to paper or pixels.

He has written a number of poems, with sonnets being his preferred form. Nine of these poems have been published in print journals. He has written a newspaper column (historical-political), feature articles for the local weekly, and is actively pursuing magazine freelancing. His work has appeared in nine print publications and three on-line publications. He has published over 30 engineering articles, and made approximately 20 conference presentations.

David is a civil engineer by profession, a genealogist by avocation, an environmentalist by choice, and a writer by passion. He grew up in Rhode Island, where he attended public schools in Cranston and then the University of Rhode Island. In his adult life he has lived in Kansas City, Saudi Arabia, Asheboro North Carolina, Kuwait, and now northwest Arkansas since 1991. Along the way he acquired a love for history and poetry.

David can be reached at norman_d_gutter AT yahoo DOT com.

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