Thomas Carlyle’s Edinburgh Encyclopedia Articles – print cover reveal

TCEEA print cover 01 396x278

Posting this smaller image of the cover, for viewing at Absolute Write. He also is the full size one, but also at a reduced size. More on these covers later.

TCEEA print cover 01

Hindrances to Writing

I had great plans to have my baseball novel done and published in time for the start of baseball season, or at least at the end of the first month of the season. Alas, I’m not going to make it. In fact, at this point I’d say I’ll be lucky to have it done by […]

More on Learning G.I.M.P.

So I’m still working on learning G.I.M.P., and the whole process of creating book covers with graphics software of good quality, not with PowerPoint, which is borderline-suitable for e-book covers but not for print books. I downloaded the program, and at first sat there stunned at what I was looking at on the screen. Three […]

Learning GIMP

PowerPoint works well enough for e-book covers, but not for print book. The reason is PowerPoint produces graphics that will print at 72 to 96 dpi (dots per inch), whereas a print cover should really print at 300 dpi. And it’s not a matter of creating the cover in PowerPoint, loading it into a good […]

Book Sales in March 2014

Another month, another time to report book sales. I could go with the good news first. The good news is that my book sales increased by 50 percent over February. The bad news is that means they went from 2 sales to 3 sales. I was more aggressive in talking to people about my books, […]

Beware the Introduction

Every non-fiction book needs one: an Introduction. A section that tells what the author’s purposes are with the book, what they hope to accomplish, what the reader will take away from it. Sometimes the Introduction is labeled as Chapter 1, but it’s still an Introduction. I’ve read many books that have introductions, some short, some […]

My First Ad Campaign

Not too long ago, I decided to go through the motions of placing an ad for my books on Facebook. I went through the clicking process, saw what was involved, learned a little, then closed out of it. FB, of course, tracked my clicks. A couple of weeks later I received an e-mail from FB, […]

Acquiring an Editor’s Eye

My time in the poetry wars, as I call the days I spent at Poem Kingdom, was my first time to begin to acquire what I recently termed an “editor’s eye”. At that site I critiqued hundreds of poem, first as a participant, later as a moderator and still later as an administrator. That actually […]

Haiku and me

Poetry has escaped me for some time. When I post about it at a place like Absolute Write I’ll say that poetry no longer comes to by either by inspiration or perspiration. However, that’s not completely true. To some extent I’m avoiding poetry so that I can concentrate on my prose works. I think I […]

World-Building Trumps Everything

In writing classes, you learn lots of “rules.” Be consistent with point of view. Avoid or at least minimize the use of adjectives and especially adverbs. Keep sentences short. Watch out for plot gaps and gaffs. Mind your sentence length. Etc, etc. These things are drilled in, over and over, in every writing techniques class […]