Egr Classes Taught

My position at CEI of Corporate Trainer for Engineering has allowed me the privilege of teaching a fair number of engineering classes. These are typically “brown bag” presentations, held at our offices over a lunch hour, and broadcast to our branch offices through our teleconferencing system. At one time they video recorded them through that system, but now that module doesn’t work.

Following is a list of the classes that I’ve taught. Soon I will add the ones I’m schedule to teach or am preparing to teach. Unless otherwise indicated, these are 1 hour classes.

Basic Hydraulics & Hydrology for Storm Water Systems
Basic Storm Sewer Layout and Design (2 hr)
Basic Water System Calculations (2 hr)
Basics of Retaining Walls
CEI Construction Specifications Practices
Contractor Selection Phase
Construction Cost Estimating
Construction Items Under-considered During Design: The Geotechnical Report
Construction Observation
Construction Phase Services (in general)
Construction RFIs [Request For Information]
The Devil Is In the Details: CEI’s notes and details system
Drainage Reports: Basic Requirements (1.5 hr)
EPA New Regulations for Construction Sites
Five Important Construction Items Often Overlooked During Design
In Search of Boring Perfection: on quality control
Intersection Grading (1.5 hr)
The Learning Curve: on career development
Pipe Outlet Erosion Control (mainly on rip rap)
Plastic Piping
Preparing a Project Manual (i.e. Specifications)
Quality Control Review of a Project
Reinforced Concrete Detailing (2 hr)
Shop Drawings
Small Site Grading (2 hr)
Storm Water Inlet Design
Unit Price Contracts
Writing a Spec Section from Scratch
WWWT 1: a problem with Rip Rap
WWWT 2: find the failures at the CEI site (Bentonville only)
WWWT 4: Grading Problems (at Versailles Subdivision in Centerton)
WWWT 4: Missing Concrete Tests

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