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I’ve written a fair number of engineering articles over the years. Individually they don’t seem like much, but when I list them I realize just how much they amount to. Here’s the general list. This doesn not include the written portion of papers presented at conferences, which are listed on another page.

1991: “Overseas Work for Engineers” in Arkansas PE magazine. Since I wrote this article as an interview with myself, another of our employees was credited with writing it.

1993: “Tailoring Specifications to the Project” in The Construction Specifier August 1993 issue.

2001: “Why Communication Matters” in the Sept 11, 2001 issue of The Zweig-White Letter.

2009: “Problems with Pumped Detention” in the November 2009 issue of Urban Water Management. This was a shorter version of the paper I had presented at a conference.

2009: “The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art” in the 3rd quarter issue of Arkansas PE Magazine.

2011: “Data Based Planning of Emergency Routes” in the 1st Quarter issue of Safe Highway Matters.

In addition to these, I have close to twenty articles that have been published at Buildipedia. Here’s a link to my profile there, which lists the articles.

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More of my Civil Engineering articles together with articles on other topics including genealogy and US History.

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