Returning to Carnage

This last weekend we were in Oklahoma City, to celebrate the first birthday of our youngest grandchild, and to babysit the four grandchildren (plus two others) one evening while their parents were at a fund-raiser for R.O.C. ministries. We did a four-day weekend instead of three. I intended to write a post this morning about our weekend.

Instead, I come to work, plug in the new laptop computer I have for my work station, and open some websites, all according to my routine. And I see the terrible news about the shooting in Las Vegas. As I finalize this post, 58 are dead and at least 515 are in area hospitals with injuries.

I simply don’t know what to say. How tragic that this should happen in our nation, that one individual, be he sick, deranged, hostile, angry, or whatever, should be able to take the lives of 50 people in a matter of minutes, and injure at least 200 more.

Oh God, I pray for our nation. Move upon us to come to our senses. Give us hope for the future, because hope will prevent us from doing things such as this shooting. May we turn to You to make it happen.

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